Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cavaliers Awards Scheme

Cavaliers is proud to announce the

Cavaliers Awards Scheme

ECU Cavaliers has developed the proficiency awards scheme as a fun and practical way for our fencers to test and demonstrate their fencing skills that they are learning during the training sessions

Each weapon has its own program of 3 levels with the fencers able to attain levels 1-3 in their weapon of choice or, if they are really enthusiastic, they may achieve all 3 three levels in all three weapons

Each level has 2 parts a practical which will test the fencers practical skills and a theory test which tests the fencers knowledge of fencing. In order to pass each level the fencer must pass both the theory and the practical tests.

The theory test must be completed before the practical test. ECU cavaliers will hold practical tests through out the year for each of the weapons with the students being examined by both the coaches and experience fencers in the weapon being examined.

The Awards Scheme booklets can be downloaded from the website for free and will be updated from time to time. There will also be limited copies held at the club for the students.

If you are interested please approach your coach at ECU Cavaliers during the training sessions and let them know.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mark it in your diary - Cavs "Start of Season" BBQ

The Cavs "Start of Season 2011" BBQ will be held this Saturday, February 26th from 5:30pm - 8:30pm so stay tuned for the location. Hope to see you there!


Make sure you're in the loop with all the events at Cavs by regularly checking out our Facebook page too!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Duel - A Film by Carter Peabody

Hi everyone,
I came across this short film about fencing. It's not a documentary, just a short piece set to cool music with an artistic layout.

From the website:

Olympic Fencing Medalist Jason Rogers and Mihail Etropolski Face Off
With his athletic bona fides and movie-star looks, Texas-born Jason Rogers is poised to be the Nacho Figueras of fencing.

Enter filmmaker Carter Peabody, who shines a spotlight on the Beijing 2008 Olympic silver medalist in The Duel, which we premiere today. The short captures Rogers, a master of the sabre discipline, performing his graceful épée step alongside nationally ranked American fencer Mihail Etropolski.

As a director of fashion films for the likes of Jimmy Choo, MaxMara and Moët Hennessy, Peabody was inspired by the compatibility he saw between fencing and the luxury realm. “I realized that it made perfect sense for that world,” he says. “It’s a sport that is hundreds of years old—harkening back to a time when things were elegant, honorable and beautiful—but it also appeals to the modern appreciation of technique.”

Outfitted in Ralph Lauren, Rogers and Etropolski charge and retreat with a precision mirrored by an Audemars Piguet watch; the choreography is underscored by French composer Henri Scars Struck's original track "Mr. John Barry", named in tribute to the iconic composer.

Carter Peabody: The Duel on

Friday, February 11, 2011


We are off to a roaring start with a fine turn-up today - with nice cool weather to boot.
Good numbers for all three groups with several enthusiastic new starters in both Bladez and Intermediates.
Lots of new things happening this year !!!
Mal is back to help out with the coaching.
Kylie is launching a brand new scheme of Proficiency Levels. This is for everyone young and old and for all three weapons. More details later.
Alex is looking for numbers to make up a couple of social outings - if you would like to go Bowling or Shooting - just let him know.
The BBQ is being announced for the 26th following the Cavs session. Mark this on your calendar. Details to be advertised separately.
Cadet Nationals is the big deal this year and we have started with a successful roundup of possible volunteers. It's in July and we need plenty more names. You know the deal.
Keep those affiliation forms rolling in - and of course all the fees due March.
See everyone soon,

Orientation Day at ECU Mount Lawley

Thursday 24th February 10am to 2pm.

Congratulation's Gillian and Mahmud


Greetings from the dimly lit closet where they keep ex-club presidents!

I know I no longer have the power to hold announcements, but I wanted to share some great news with you all. A little while ago I secretly submitted two nominations on behalf of the club (one for Gillian and one for Mahmud) to the City of Stirling for their 'valued volunteer' award which they hold each year. The award is for people who live or volunteer within the City of Stirling. After receiving my submission the three of us were invited to a small presentation of a certificate and thank you from the team at Clubs Forever (who have in the past granted us some sponsorship deals).

It is with much excitement that I can tell you that tonight Gillian and Mahmud were not only given their certificates but were BOTH nominated by the City of Stirling to go into the next round of awards. This means come July, they go in the running for a nice cash reward for their services! As well as the nomination they received a pool pass, movie tickets, $150 each and a few other assorted goodies... a nice surprise indeed!

Please join me in congratulating both Gillian and Mahmud for their massive efforts in making the club what it is today.
- Gary

For those of you who are interested, these were the two short bio's I submitted with the applications:

Cavaliers' fencing club was built around Mahmud, so-much-so if he ever were to leave we would need engineers to assess his load bearing rating before being moved. In his 30 odd years with the club he has hardly ever missed a session, in the early days as a keen fencer, to more recently as the coach to our 8-12 kids group. When not battling them, he battles the Cavaliers account books, which are at times scarier than a sword wielding child.

For several years in the 90's fencing experienced a heavy decline in volunteers. Mahmud single handedly held the club together through this tough period and many believe without his tireless efforts, Cavaliers (and perhaps even fencing in WA) would not exist today.

He has also contributed many years of work to developing fencing on a state and national level, much of which is unaccountable behind the scenes.

The ancient texts say Gillian arrived on the scene as a mother to 3 fencers and was an active volunteer from the start. Sadly, her children have all moved on from the sport, but the mum instinct remained and she became the unofficial mother of the club. In-between her tireless duties of organising newsletters, emails, collecting fees, registrations AND organising the committee she can often be heard shouting at fencers to tuck their shirts in. At the club's peak Gillian was maintaining enrolments for 90-100 fencers, a job which for a long while, was done solely by herself. She also volunteered as Registrar for the state fencing body (WAFA) for 5-6 years.

As someone who has never actually fenced herself, I find her commitment to the sport amazing and I fear the day she finally leaves as the club will never find the 10 slaves needed to replace her.
Thank you, GARY BATES