Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rankings and Handicaps after round 6

1Darren Chang-Martin3641Adian Paxman3441Malcolm Davis403
2Cedric Bauer3042Stuart Webster2842Llewlyn Foley364
3Dylan Devenish2533Daniel Schultz2633Tom Austin313
3Christopher Barrett-Leonard2524Andrew Kwan2233Sarah McIntyre314
5Tom Harvey2435Kylie Caunt2025Damian Kneale304
6Luke Mitchell2335Isobel Ellis2016Lorrhin Foley233
7Antonio Ruffo2247Sam Prater1927Drew Foley202
8Gabby Ullaga2038Gino Trichilo1728Gino Trichilo182
9Olena Polyakova1838Peter Harbin1729Marissa Black132
10Axel Vekemans15110Christopher Barrett-Leonard15110Finn Gilheany120
11Hendric Ng14110Sarah McIntyre15110Christopher Barrett-Leonard121
12Aron Than13212Ryan Moorhouse14212EK Gulland100
13Michael Macrae12113Brett Criddle13113Cameron Gregg91
13Malcolm Davies12114Will Kelly12213Elim Wong91
15Elim Wong11115Antonio Ruffo11115Lewis Freedman80
16Ivy Park8116Axel Vekemans10116Stuart Webster70
16Lucien Kishi8016Ian Lock10016Nick Manley71
18Anne Bauer7118Bobby Emmanual7118Laura Hodges61
18Sam Prater7118Jessica Scholle7119Dean Fisher30
20Matthew Simmonds4018Jinny Skerman7019Jacob Bell30
20Toby Hodgson4021Sandra Schwartz4019Sean Vinten30
22Keegan Nazzari3022Alia Bath3022Robert Hutchinson20
23Amy Kneale2023Llewlyn Foley2022Sandra Schwartz20
23Matthew Arnold2023Lukin Schultz2024Brodie Read10
23James Fogerty2025Peter Carr1024Lola Croft10
23Sandra Schwartz2025Rachel Carr1026000
23Jinny Skerman2025Damien Kuruckchi1026000
23Gino Trichilo2025Anne Bauer1026000
29Eric Drinkwater1025Thomas Phelan-Mould1026000
29Jason McNamara103000026000
29Francesco Rachetti103000026000
29Peter Carr103000026000
29Andrew Munro103000026000
34Matteo Rossaro00000026000

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Rankings after Round 5 - August 2015

1Darren Chang-Martin3441Adian Paxman3441Llewlyn Foley334
2Cedric Bauer3042Daniel Schultz2632Tom Austin313
3Dylan Devenish2533Andrew Kwan2233Damian Kneale304
4Tom Harvey2434Sam Prater1924Simon McIntyre294
5Luke Mitchell2335Stuart Webster1835Malcolm Davis252
6Gabby Ullaga2036Gino Trichilo1726Lorrhin Foley172
7Antonio Ruffo1937Christopher Barrett-Leonard1517Marissa Black132
8Olena Polyakova1838Kylie Caunt1428Drew Foley101
9Christopher Barrett-Leonard1518Ryan Moorhouse1428EK Gulland100
10Aron Than13210Peter Harbin1328Finn Gilheany100
11Hendric Ng10010Brett Criddle13111Gino Trichilo91
12Anne Bauer7112Antonio Ruffo11111Cameron Gregg91
13Ivy Park6113Axel Vekemans10113Stuart Webster70
13Lucien Kishi6014Isobel Ellis8014Lewis Freedman60
13Michael Macrae6015Bobby Emmanual7115Laura Hodges41
16Matthew Simmonds4015Jessica Scholle7116Nick Manley30
17Toby Hodgson2015Jinny Skerman7016Dean Fisher30
17Amy Kneale2018Alia Bath3016Jacob Bell30
17Matthew Arnold2018Will Kelly3119Elim Wong20
17James Fogerty2018Ian Lock3020Lola Croft10
19Eric Drinkwater1021Llewlyn Foley2020Brodie Read10
19Jason McNamara1021Lukin Schultz2020Sean Vinten10
19Francesco Rachetti1023Peter Carr1023000
19Peter Carr1023Sandra Schwartz1023000
19Andrew Munro1023Rachel Carr1023000
19Elim Wong1023Damien Kuruckchi1023000
19Keegan1023Anne Bauer1023000
26Matteo Rossaro0023Thomas Phelan-Mould1023000

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Mahmud Jaffar and Gillian Kings-Lynne receive the 60th Anniversary Award


Mahmud joined Cavaliers at the age of 11 years and has spent an incredible 41 years working tirelessly to promote the sport within the club and the State. 
As a qualified Level 1 Foil Coach, he was Head Coach for many years and has taken a heavy workload on every Committee in multiple capacities – in particular he has spent many years keeping the Treasurer’s books in tip top condition.   More recently he has been the mainstay of the Bladez group having taught the next generation of young coaches to follow on.
The very existence of Cavaliers is due solely to the tenacity of Mahmud who, during the decline of state fencing in the late 80’s and early 90’s, held the club together single-handedly until new energy arrived around 1995.
As a classical foilist, he has been a successful competitor, taking titles up to his more recent Veteran category.
With the above level of commitment to the Club, it is not surprising that he is not only a Life Member of both Cavaliers and the WA Fencing Association, but also the overall winner of the City of Stirling award for Valued Volunteer 2011.

Gillian Kings-Lynne

Gillian has been one of the longest serving non-fencing committee members our club has had. She first brought her kids along in 1993 and has been secretary/registrar from 1993 through to 2013 when Jinny took on secretary. During that period she established practices that enabled our club to grow and prosper. Keeping all members informed of events and making sure everybody knew what they were supposed to do.
During this time Gillian has also been secretary of WAFA during a time of its rebirth and expansion back onto the AFF scene. She has also been recognised with life membership of both WAFA and Cavs and achievement awards from the City of Stirling.
When there have been visiting coaches from the east or OS, Gillian has often hosted them at her house for several months at a time and in some cases provided a car for them.
Probably the most important contribution from Gillian is her ability to record events to compile a history, whether in the form of newsletters or other documents so that in the future we can look back and know accurately what happened

Congratulations to New Life Members

Mike joined Cavaliers in 2003 and it wasn’t long before he found himself fully involved in the running of the club with his particular interest focusing on Coaching.  He gained his Level 1 Foil Coaching qualification in 2007 and has subsequently specialised in teaching the Beginners’ groups – one of the most important roles in the Club. 

Mike was Head Coach for 2010 and 2011 during which time he was responsible for coordinating all coaching groups and maintaining the qualifications of the coaches.  During 2012, he took on the role of club representative to the WA Fencing Association where he put in a huge effort to address the issue of the lack of training courses in WA for potential coaches.  In addition he has been a willing volunteer in all aspects of club administrative and social activity.  For this reason he received a nomination for the City of Stirling award of Valued Volunteer for 2011.

Despite injuries which prevent Mike from fencing at the moment, he is in training for a Level 1 Epee Coaching qualification and continues to support the Coaching team in the Beginners’ group.

In seventeen years of membership, D’artagnan has never lost the true spirit of clubmanship and respect for fencing tradition.  He joined Cavaliers in 1998 and instantly set about reviving and maintaining the age-old standards of chivalry and romance properly attributed to the sport, much to the delight of the enthralled members.   He is chiefly known as the originator of the Defenders of the Realm – a mysterious order which bestows upon its members the responsibility of loyalty, honour and protection of the Cavalier fencing fraternity.

In real life, D’artagnan has consistently supported Cavaliers in a very practical way through an administrative and social commitment – notably as Cavs Librarian where he upgraded the collection with a supply of old fencing movies!  Despite a varying range of injuries which now prevent him from fencing competitively, he continues to hold Committee responsibilities and is currently the club representative at WA Fencing Association.

At the age of 82, Peter may well be the oldest competing Veteran fencer in Australia.  As a member of Cavaliers for the last 13 years, Peter has enjoyed a jammed-packed competitive fencing career participating at all levels from Club and State Competition, to National and International events – and it doesn’t look as though he is about to retire yet.
It falls naturally that Peter’s main interest lies in fencing opportunities for Veterans.  To this end he served three years as Vice President of the WA Fencing Association working for increased promotion of Veteran fencing, particularly through the media.  He has been foremost in encouraging Veteran exchange between South-East Asia and Western Australia and was a team member of the first Australians to compete at the Japanese Veteran Championships in 2010.
Peter has fenced since his school days in England and his dedication to the sport is testament to the value of long term commitment and to Club spirit through which Cavaliers now benefits.  Peter continues to focus on promotion of Fencing through his participation at public demonstrations both in the city and at York and through frequent access to media exposure on the radio and in the press.

When Neil joined Cavaliers 19 years ago, he became a keen competitor in ALL THREE weapons – he couldn’t decide which one he loved the best and didn’t want to miss a minute of fencing!  Such was his love of the sport that within one year he had qualified as a Level 1 Coach, was working on both Cavaliers and WAFA Committees and was off to the Eastern States to try his luck against the rest of the world. 

From that point on, this headlong courage was to lead Neil into more than a decade of leadership roles which were to propel into the future the standards of fencing both at Club level and that of Western Australia.

Neil was involved at all levels of Club activity but primarily undertook the huge job of updating the old equipment from half-bib vests and steam foils to a modern collection of shiny new electrical equipment.  Neil would pick the boxes up from Customs and he would open them at the club with everyone crowded around in great excitement.

At the same time, Neil’s concern was to upgrade the system of tournaments at State level.  He established a system for WAFA tournaments which would bring WA up to national standard with the use of a computerised ranking system.  For the first time since WAFA was re-established in 1995, all WAFA members had access to their ranking details at any given time.   All rankings were published and an Annual Awards Ceremony with the presentation of medals and trophies was reinstated.

In 2000, as President of WAFA, Neil was responsible for huge achievements in the promotion and recognition of the sport with government authorities and brought about the first serious program for government funding of WA Fencing.
Neil went on to serve as a Director with the Board of the Australian Fencing Federation.  His responsibilities included the drawing up of policies for national fencing, which ultimately affect all fencers in each State.
This driving force did not prevent Neil from having a lot of fun, however, and we have great memories of the amazing Fencing Under The Stars in Neil’s back yard with the old heavy wooden pistes.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015

Mahmud Jaffar awarded the Robyn Chaplin OAM Award for Outstanding Service to Australian Fencing

At Cavaliers 60th Anniversary celebrations on the 25 July 2015 Mahmud Jaffar was presented with the Robyn Chaplin OAM Award for Outstanding Service to Australian Fencing for  the consistent high standard of fencing practice and dedication to the sport at all levels demonstrated over a period of more than 41 years.

Mahmud is a long term member of ECU Cavalier School of Fencing in Western Australia where he holds the current position of Treasurer and Coach for the group of Junior Fencers known as Bladez.

Mahmud carries with him a level of deep respect and the highest regard within the Club and within the wider Fencing community of Western Australia – and, indeed, amongst his colleagues all over Australia.

While Mahmud’s position on the Club Executive and Coaching Committee during this 12 month period may not appear so unusual to some - this is, in fact, a representation of more than 30 years of unbroken and consistent volunteer service to Western Australian fencing and, in turn, to that of the Australian fencing structure.  Furthermore, the very existence of the Sport of Fencing in this State is entirely due to the dedication of Mahmud when, at a certain time in the past, support for the sport almost collapsed. 

Mahmud took to Foil at the age of 11 years and showed promise at an early age in both State and National Tournaments.  He became dominant in the weapon and held the State Championship title and earned Top 8 National results until his retirement from mainstream competition just prior to his transition to Veteran category.  As a Veteran, he did return to the piste on occasion to take Veteran Gold.

Mahmud’s prowess as a skilled Foilist on the piste is not, however, the purpose of this application.  It is merely a backdrop to his extraordinary story of commitment as a volunteer coach and administrator for most of his fencing life.

Fencing was not always so strong in Western Australia after the heady days of the 70’s.  During the 80’s much of the support waned until there was left simply a small group of 12 – 15 fencers held together by Mahmud in a very small school venue.  A promise to his old coach, Barry Wasley, fired the determination in Mahmud to keep Cavaliers operating.  With an inactive Association and lacking a supportive committee, Mahmud kept the fencing footwork, coaching and bouting activities going entirely single-handedly until help appeared in 1995. 

This was an extraordinary feat as there was no access to professional coaching services, nor was there any support from the Department of Sport and Recreation due to the absence of an active Association at that time.  Mahmud followed the method of giving a lesson to one fencer who, in turn, would give the same lesson to the next fencer, and so on.

With the advent of a newly-determined group of fencers around 1995, Mahmud found the collective energy to guide a revival of the sport to the success story we see today.

Since then, Mahmud has worked tirelessly to promote the sport within the club and the State.  On the WAFA Committee, he held the positions variously of President, Treasurer and State Delegate to the AFF Board until his retirement from the Association in 2000.  At club level, he was Head Coach for many years and has taken a heavy workload on every Committee in multiple capacities.

In the past he has worked closely with the Ministry of Sport and Recreation to obtain funding for visiting coaches and has been instrumental in establishing close links with the Australian Fencing Federation which have been so vital in recent promotion of Western Australian fencing.  His work has provided pathways for others to follow.

Of course, his work continues behind the scenes, as it always has, with an uncountable number of projects which all go together to help provide for that all-important extra dimension of club involvement through social events and extra-curricular activities.  Mahmud has set the highest example to younger fencers of the value of volunteer commitment and of the importance of willing contribution to society.

There is much truth in the statement from Gary Bates, Club President in 2011, when asked about Mahmud – “Cavaliers’ was built around Mahmud so-much-so that if he ever were to leave we would need engineers to assess his load-bearing rating before being moved!”

The award was presented to Mahmud by Nigel Nutt who travelled from Canberra to attend the evenig. Nigel was a member of Cavaliers from 1995-2000, the President of Western Australian Fencing Association 1995-1998 and a director of the Australian Fencing Federation from 2000-2004

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rankings after July Competitions

1Cedric Bauer2741Adian Paxman3441Llewlyn Foley334
2Tom Harvey2432Andrew Kwan1932Damian Kneale304
3Darren Chang-Martin2233Gino Trichilo1723Tom Austin192
4Gabby Ullaga2033Daniel Schultz1723Simon McIntyre193
5Olena Polyakova1835Stuart Webster1435Lorrhin Foley172
6Luke Mitchell1626Kylie Caunt1226Marissa Black132
7Dylan Devenish1527Peter Harbin1127Malcolm Davis101
8Antonio Ruffo1328Axel Vekemans1017Drew Foley101
9Anne Bauer719Ryan Moorhouse817EK Gulland100
10Ivy Park619Isobel Ellis8010Gino Trichilo91
10Lucien Kishi6011Sam Prater7111Laura Hodges41
10Hendric Ng6011Bobby Emmanual7111Finn Gilheany40
13Michael Macrae4011Jessica Scholle7113Nick Manley30
13Matthew Simmonds4014Brett Criddle6013Dean Fisher30
15Aron Than3115Jinny Skerman5015Lewis Freedman20
16Toby Hodgson2016Alia Bath3015Elim Wong20
17Eric Drinkwater1016Will Kelly3117Lola Croft10
17Jason McNamara1018Llewlyn Foley2017Brodie Read10
17Francesco Rachetti1018Lukin Schultz2017Sean Vinten10
17Peter Carr1020Antonio Ruffo1020000
17Andrew Munro1020Peter Carr1020000
17Elim Wong1020Sandra Schwartz1020000
17Keegan1020Rachel Carr1020000
24Matteo Rossaro0020Damien Kuruckchi1020000
2400020Anne Bauer1020000
2400020Ian Lock1020000
2400020Thomas Phelan-Mould1020000

Monday, July 06, 2015

Cancelled Fencing WA Winter Camp July 17-19 2015 Cancelled

For anyone recently out of beginners, or anyone who wants to take their fencing to the next level, or anyone who wants an intensive weekend of training. Fencing WA is running a winter camp from Friday 17th - Sunday 19th July. You can come for just one or two days, or you can come for all three. Details are below. It's not far away, so please register ASAP.