Sunday, January 24, 2016


Saturday 30 January is the first training session for the year and we look forward to catching up and getting back into form.
2016 membership forms are available on the Cavs website:
Membership fees for Juniors and Seniors remain the same as 2015.

  • $370 for Seniors
  • $300 for Juniors
  • $270 for Bladez
Bladez membership fees will increase to $270 for the year as we wish to increase the intensity of the Bladez group to assist them in their transition to higher level groups. The Bladez members will have some tuition from a senior coach during their session. New Bladez members will commence on the first Saturday of each month.

Membership fees for 2017 will be reviewed at the end of this year.

Transition Courses – 5 weeks
  1. Once a Bladez member turns 13, they need to become a Junior member. In order to assist in the transition, we will be offering a 5 week transition course in specific weapons. After the transition course, they are welcome to join in the Juniors group.
  2. After you have completed a Beginner’s Course we don’t simply throw you in at the deep end and expect you to know everything. Once a beginner completes the beginner’s course, we will be offering a Transition Course in each weapon to develop greater depth of information and skill to assist you to start the journey that is learning to fence. 
If you complete a Transition Course for one weapon we still recommended that you complete the Transition Course for any other weapons you want to learn at a later stage. Transition courses will commence at the end of each Beginner’s Course so you will never have to wait too long to try your next weapon.

These transition courses are included in your membership fees and, unlike the Beginner’s Course, they only run for part of each training session so you will still get to train and socialise with the rest of the club.

Award System 
Malcolm Davies will be trialling an award system with the Sabre group. More information on this to follow.

Strength and Conditioning sessions – 1 pm
The development squad will now be replaced with strength and conditioning. This will assist fencers developing power, agility, general fitness and high intensity footwork. Open to all fencers within the club. Included in your membership fees.

Footwork Sessions 
Footwork sessions will usually be broken up to allow coaches to focus on different areas of training.  New and less experienced fencers will focus on developing strong technique while those who have been fencing for a while will focus on distance, reaction and speed.

See Membership forms for further detail on affiliation and capitation

CLUB:   Handicap competition dates tbc
STATE:  FencingWA yet to confirm calendar for 2016.

2016 Events
AFC1 - April 23-25 (Melbourne)
AFC2 - June 11-13 (Adelaide)
AFC Schools Teams - June 18-19 (Brisbane)
AFC Cadets / Under-15s - July 6-10 (Sydney)
AFC Schools Individuals - August 13-14 (Brisbane)
AFC3 - August 25-28 (Perth)
AFC Juniors - September 23-25 (Brisbane)
AFC Nationals - December 8-12 (Canberra)

NATIONAL CADETS/Under 15s:  6-10 JULY, SYDNEY 2016
FencingWA are seeking nominations from Cadets (up to Under 17’s).
Please see to register your interest.!cadets-2016/l8abs
Subsidies are available
Check your local government council sporting grants

In 2017, Perth will be hosting the National Cadets/Under 15’s. Fantastic opportunity for our young Cavs!!

If you have any questions on the Sydney trip this year, feel free to email:

Asian Masters (Veterans) Championships (25-30 August) - Perth, Australia

We now have a mailing address:  PO BOX 815, MT LAWLEY  6929

Photo Permissions: we kindly ask your permission to display individual/team images on the Cavs website, Facebook, newsletters and Notice Board.  Please read the Membership form carefully. Cavs is complying with the Australian Fencing Federation Member Protection Policy.

Payment of membership fees:  direct deposit/bank transfer. As previously communicated Cavs is not accepting cash/cheques as payment of membership fees. Please organise a direct deposit as soon as possible. As we are moving towards electronic banking, this will assist our executive to spend more time on assisting with fencing tuition instead of paperwork.

Social:  We will be having a welcoming to 2016 BBQ soon. 

We still have the court booked from 12.45 pm this Saturday, 30 January, so all fencers are welcome to come early.
Thought the Cavs fencers would appreciate this story - you have been breaking the law ???

See you on soon.

Kathy  (Cavaliers Secretary)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Final Results for the 2015 Handicap Competitions

1Antonio Ruffo4951Adian Paxman4951Malcolm Davis715
2Cedric Bauer4252Andrew Kwan3742Llewlyn Foley435
3Darren Chang-Martin3843Stuart Webster3543Drew Foley383
4Dylan Devenish3544Kylie Caunt3424Sarah McIntyre334
5Lucien Kishi3225Daniel Schultz2635Christopher Barrett-Leonard322
6Luke Mitchell2636Ian Lock2416Tom Austin313
6Hendric Ng2617Isobel Ellis2017Damian Kneale304
8Christopher Barrett-Leonard2527Hugo Smith2017EK Gulland302
9Tom Harvey2439Sam Prater1929Lorrhin Foley263
10Elim Wong23210Gino Trichilo17210Elim Wong212
10Gabby Ullaga23310Peter Harbin17211Stuart Webster191
12Olena Polyakova18310Anne Bauer17112Gino Trichilo182
12Sven Hein18113Ivy Park16112Lewis Freedman181
14Michael Macrae16113Finn Gilheany16114Sandra Schwartz141
14William Reynolds16115Christopher Barrett-Leonard15115Marissa Black132
15Axel Vekemans15115Sarah McIntyre15116Finn Gilheany120
15Ivy Park15117Ryan Moorhouse14217Dean Fisher110
17Aron Than13218Brett Criddle13118Cameron Gregg91
18Malcolm Davies12118Jinny Skerman13018Aron Than91
18Toby Hodgson12120Will Kelly12220Nick Manley71
20Anne Bauer10120Elim Wong12121Laura Hodges61
20Rita Lau10122Antonio Ruffo11122Sean Vinten30
21Sam Prater7123Axel Vekemans10122Jacob Bell30
22James Fogerty5024Tamara Kerr9122Hendric Ng30
23Matthew Simmonds4025Bobby Emmanual7122Gabby Ullaga30
24Keegan Nazzari3025Jessica Scholle7126Robert Hutchinson20
24Francesco Rachetti3027Sandra Schwartz6026Micheal Mcrae20
24Gabriel Luca-Morison3027Alia Bath6028Lola Croft10
24Hugh Calligan3029Lukin Schultz2028Brodie Read10
28Amy Kneale2029Llewlyn Foley2030000
28Matthew Arnold2031Peter Carr1030000
28Sandra Schwartz2031Rachel Carr1030000
28Jinny Skerman2031Damien Kuruckchi1030000
28Gino Trichilo2031Thomas Phelan-Mould1030000
28Matthew Weatherald203500030000
34Eric Drinkwater103500030000
34Jason McNamara103500030000
34Peter Carr103500030000
34Andrew Munro1000000000
38Matteo Rossaro0000000000

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rankings after round 7

1Darren Chang-Martin3641Adian Paxman4951Malcolm Davis554
2Dylan Devenish3542Stuart Webster3142Llewlyn Foley435
3Cedric Bauer3043Andrew Kwan2943Sarah McIntyre334
4Antonio Ruffo2944Daniel Schultz2634Tom Austin313
5Christopher Barrett-Leonard2525Kylie Caunt2425Damian Kneale304
6Tom Harvey2436Isobel Ellis2016Lorrhin Foley263
7Luke Mitchell2337Sam Prater1927Drew Foley242
7Elim Wong2328Gino Trichilo1728EK Gulland201
9Gabby Ullaga2038Peter Harbin1729Stuart Webster191
9Hendric Ng20110Christopher Barrett-Leonard15110Gino Trichilo182
11Olena Polyakova18310Sarah McIntyre15111Lewis Freedman141
11Lucien Kishi18112Ryan Moorhouse14212Marissa Black132
13Axel Vekemans15113Brett Criddle13113Finn Gilheany120
13Sven Hein15113Jinny Skerman13013Christopher Barrett-Leonard121
15Aron Than13215Will Kelly12215Elim Wong91
16Michael Macrae12115Ian Lock12015Cameron Gregg91
16Malcolm Davies12115Elim Wong12115Aron Than91
16Ivy Park12118Antonio Ruffo11118Nick Manley71
19Anne Bauer7119Axel Vekemans10119Laura Hodges61
19Sam Prater7119Ivy Park10120Dean Fisher50
21Toby Hodgson4021Tamara Kerr9121Sandra Schwartz40
21Matthew Simmonds4022Bobby Emmanual7122Sean Vinten30
23Keegan Nazzari3022Jessica Scholle7122Jacob Bell30
24Amy Kneale2024Sandra Schwartz6024Robert Hutchinson20
24Matthew Arnold2025Alia Bath3024Micheal Mcrae20
24James Fogerty2026Lukin Schultz2026Lola Croft10
24Sandra Schwartz2026Llewlyn Foley2026Brodie Read10
24Jinny Skerman2028Peter Carr1028000
24Gino Trichilo2028Rachel Carr1028000
30Eric Drinkwater1028Damien Kuruckchi1028000
30Jason McNamara1028Anne Bauer1028000
30Francesco Rachetti1028Thomas Phelan-Mould1028000
30Peter Carr103300028000
30Andrew Munro103300028000
35Matteo Rossaro003300028000

Monday, October 12, 2015

Notice of Annual General Meeting - Saturday 5th December 2015


3.30pm at the ECU Cavs gym
Cavs session as usual until 3.15pm - Meeting 3.30pm
Then Sausage Sizzle at the Sportsmen’s Bowling Club (next door).
Formal nominations required for Management Committee by
7th November 2015 (refer below)

Volunteers run Cavalier’s!   All of committee members are volunteers.  We are always looking for new people to step up to join the team to help to keep Cavaliers as the greatest fencing club in Perth!!

All members of Cavaliers are eligible to attend the meeting – including young members.

We also hope as many of you as possible will make the time to stay on for a casual Sausage Sizzle after the fencing session.

To ensure we have enough food for the Sausage Sizzle please RSVP via email to
Cavs supplies the sausages, bread,  condiments and soft drinks
All fencers and family welcome.
Location: Sportsmen’s Bowling Club (next door to ECU)
Meeting Open:
Minutes of Last AGM:
President’s Report:
Secretary’s Report:
Treasurer’s Report:
Coaches Report:
Equipment Report:
Nomination of Committee 2016
Election of Committee 2016
Meeting Closed:

Current Committee Positions 2015
Management Committee
Vice President                               
Coaching Coordinator
WAFA Representative
Equipment Officer
Social Officer
Sven Hein
Jinny Skerman
Sarah Meredith
Lucien Kishi
Kylie Caunt
Seymour Wolfinger
Drew Foley
Llewelyn Foley
General Committee
Tournament Officer
Web page Manager
Bladez Coordinator
Perry Ruffo
Kathy Ruffo
Kylie Caunt
Gino Trichilo
Tom Austin and Laura Hodges

All positions are open for nomination
The Committee meets four/five times per year
Reliable contact through email is essential.
Management Committee
Under the club’s constitution, formal nominations are required for the Management Committee positions 28 days prior to the AGM – Please send your name and position you are interested in to Jinny via email by the 7th November 2015.
General Committee Positions
No formal nomination is required for General Committee under the club’s constitution, if you wish to register your interest you can do so by sending an email to or let us know on the day of the AGM.
Volunteers Required
No formal nomination is required for Volunteers but we are always in need of assistance within all areas of the club. Some of the volunteer positions are outlined in the section below. Please email if you are able to volunteer or want to know more

 Overview of Committee Positions and Duties

Management Committee (refer Constitution section 10.1)
Overview of Duties
Responsible for liaison with ECU / Fencing WA / other authorities.
Responsible for overall smooth running of club.
Qualities of leadership in future club direction, communication and delegation.
Responsible for leadership duties in the absence of the President.
Appointed to various duties as they arise e.g. subcommittees, grants.
Responsible for correspondence and Minutes.
Responsible for venue bookings, sending cheques for payment.
Central communication link between members and committee.             
This involves daily email/phone communication, prompting, reminding, etc.
Maintain supply of stationery, update of notice boards and website details.
Write, compile and mail-out quarterly newsletter of eight pages.
Central contact person for all club enquiries. 
Home telephone, computer and email essential.
Requires having personal contact details on the Cavs webpage, Dept Sport/Rec, ECU and other.                               
Responsible for all membership subscriptions and late payments.
Responsible for all monies to be receipted, recorded and transferred to the Treasurer.
Responsible for notifying payments due and chasing unpaid money.
Responsible for management of the Membership List.
Available at each session for general administrative duties.                                                               
Expected to prepare a small budget in conjunction with other committee member to enable an element of forecasting and control over the expenditure. The club works on cash accounting basis.   The majority of the work centres on the receipting and deposit of money, financial record keeping, payment of bills and undertaking bank reconciliations.  
Requires a strong sense of responsibility in keeping records accurate and up-to-date.  It is a small club that is easily managed using MS Excel.
Coaching Coordinator 
Responsible for coordination of all coaching programs within the club.
Responsible for the rostering of coaches and the standards practised.
Responsible for overseeing the acquiring and updating of coaches accreditation.
Responsible for scheduling beginner’s courses for the year.
Responsible for scheduling the club competitions
Social Secretary
Planning and organisation of all social events covering all age groups – bookings, catering, advertising and facilitating.  Liaise with the committee for proposed dates.
Equipment Officer
Responsible for the care of all the Club Equipment.  Regular cleaning, tidying, maintenance, labelling, purchasing, repair, inventory.  Supervise transfer of equipment to and from tournaments.   A consistent and responsible job.  Works with the Club Armourer.
Western Australian Fencing Association Delegate
To attend monthly meetings at Fencing WA in addition to the Cavaliers’ meetings.
General liaison between Fencing WA and the Club.
To act as spokesperson for the club at Fencing WA meetings.
To follow through with the issues that require attention – much can be done by email.
To promote a good relationship between the Club and the Association

General Positions
Overview of Duties
Club Armourer
Responsible for the repair of club equipment.
Works with the Equipment Officer
Bladez Coordinator
Assist with welcoming new parents and families to the club and introducing them to the Bladez Coach and Registrar. 
Assists in answering general questions from new families. 
Responsible for the collection of trial and membership money, membership forms, and the writing of receipts when the Registrar is not present. Responsible for the safe holding of mentioned items until handover to the Registrar is possible.
Work as an assistant to the Bladez Coaches where needed.
Best suited to a Bladez parent who can provide an "inside view" on the club from a parent's point of view
Tournament Officer
Responsible for promotion of tournaments to club members, mainly those new members wishing to compete for the first time.  Advise newcomers of the procedure and explain the registration procedure.  Liaise between Fencing WA Tournament Officer and Cavaliers’ members for tournament procedures / timetable changes.  Organise the Cavaliers’ DT Team for the Fencing WA tournaments that are hosted by Cavaliers. Advertise and be responsible for making up a team of volunteers for the appropriate competitions. Help to advertise and promote all competitions to the members with the aim of making Cavaliers a pro-active club in the field of inter-club competition.  Also help with intra-club comps if necessary. Be familiar with the Referee List and ensure that the required referees will turn up.
Keep catalogue in order.  Plan, buy, cover, name and record all new additions.   
Follow up late returns.  Promote to the club members.                                                                       
Promotions Officer
Working with committee to promote the club and fencing in WA
ECU Liaison
Liaise with the ECU on matters of Open Days and promoting fencing within ECU
Web Page Manager/Social Media
Responsible for web page design, content and updates
Responsible social media updates and monitoring

Volunteers Required
Overview of Duties
Clothing Maintenance Assistants
The club always needs the hard working members to assist with the maintenance of the clothing.  We are looking for people to wash the clothing on a regular basis as well repair or organise repairs when needed.  Ideally these volunteers would liaise with the equipment officer to replace badly damaged clothing
DT Team
Assistance with the weekend Fencing WA tournaments in several capacities – Learn how to DT the competition, help with scoring, timekeeping, setting up and taking down the pistes and equipment, transporting equipment from the Club to the tournament.
The club is always looking for coaches and people that can assist with coaching across all levels and sessions.  Please let us know if you can help.  If you wish to obtain formal fencing coaching qualifications please enquire through Coaching Co-ordinator.